Evaluation & Certificate Cost:

1 -2 Evaluations    $25 each

3 or more              $20 each

Dealer rate available for large quantities.   Call Jim

Download the Authentication Submission Forms Below

Packaging Tips

Step 4

Make sure to include full payment with your order by either completing the credit card information section  on the submission form, or by including a check or money order made payable to Jim Bennett. 

Step 5

Mail sealed box to the below address via priority mail, UPS or Fed Ex .  Be sure to insure your package or purchase a Delivery Confirmation. If you listed an email address on your submission form we will:   

    > Notify you when your items are received  
    > Notify you the results of our evaluation   
    > Notify you with the tracking or insurance

       information when your items are mailed back

* All submissions are returned via priority mail with delivery confirmation.  Insurance will be added only if you have selected that option on the artifact submission form.


How to Submit your Relics for Evaluation

Step 1

Print off the Artifact Submission Form to record the artifacts you will be sending in and to let us know where each relic was found. This form will also tell us what services you would like for each artifact and will let you know the total cost you will need to include with your submission.

Step 2

Number each of the relics with a sticker, tag or on the wrapping so the relic matches the form.

Step 3

Wrap each artifact individually and tape closed. Place the relics into a sturdy box with ample cushioning (paper or peanuts) to keep the relics from breakage.



Step 1: Cut a piece of bubble wrap a little larger then the size of  the artifact and tightly roll.  Secure the bubble wrap tightly with either a rubber band or tape.

1.)  Print Submission Form

2.) Complete Form with as much detail as possible

3.) Wrap and number artifacts (see below)

4.) Enclose Payment or Credit Card info
   >  Checks Payable to: Premiere Auctions Group

5.) Mail via Priority Mail to:

      Premiere Auctions Group, LLC - Attn: Jim  
 471 US Highway 250E Bldg. D  Ashland Ohio 44805

Jim Bennett

Author & Recognized Artifact Authenticator

Phone (419) 207-8787

Step 2:  In some way label the relic with the number that coincides with the number on the submission form, whether that be a sticker on the relic or written on the bubble wrap.