Types of Artifacts Bennett's Will Accept for Evaluation:

Bennett's Authentication service is centered around artifacts that originated in the general Midwest & Eastern seaboard areas. Bennett's does not  regularly accept historic era artifacts or items made from pottery or shell.  

Artifact Authentication

Each artifact submitted is thoroughly examined for evidence of age or signs of modern manufacturing or tampering (rechipping/restoration).

Bennett's utilizes state-of-the-art Stereo-magnification equipment including stereoscopic microscopes and high-definition digital computer magnification equipment. For identifying the presence of modern alterations, ultraviolet light inspection equipment is used.

Evidence of authenticity or modern manufacture is derived by a study of the artifact's surface and the analysis of:

- surface weathering patterns
- hinge fracture analysis
- patination analysis
- evidence of ancient use wear patterns
- surface degradation
- Artificial patination residue
- modern tool marks
- proper grinding methods

Bennett's certificates feature many security measures to guard against reproduction certificates being issued in the future.

Bennett's will not issue Certificates of Authenticity or rejection letters on any artifact unless we are 100% confident in our findings.


* Bennett's does not support the use of Raman Laser equipment to determine authenticity.  We have simply seen far too many Laser papered reproductions  to have any degree of confidence in this technique.



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