Live Floor Auctions are sales in which we have a live floor crowd at our location bidding in person. During these sales, we will generally also accept absentee bids and phone bids. 

On Proxibid, you can place pre-bids in advance of the auction going "live" on auction day, but you can also log into Proxibid on the day of the sale and place "live" bids online as each lot comes up for sale.

 We generally sell around 75 lots per hour and we usually round between 450-500 lots.

This auction format is very similar to bidding on eBay as this is the only format we use that actually has a clock that counts down. Once the clock hits zero, the lot sells to the highest bidder.  On these sales, we space the lots a minute apart, and generally sell no more than 75 lots per sale day, and usually in the evenings.

One nice feature about the Timed Auctions is that it has a feature in which any bid that is placed within the last two minutes will extend the clock's end time for two additional minutes to allow for re-bids to be placed so that you cannot be "sniped" at the last minute. 

Registering & Bidding In Our Auctions Online With Proxibid




Online Only Virtual Auctions

As Premiere sells collectibles from all over the Country, to people who live all over the Country as well as overseas, we have spent over 10 years building and perfecting our online bidding capabilities .  Proxibid is a state-of-the-art online auction platform that is very user friendly with excellent customer support. 

Live Floor Auctions

Online Only "Timed" Auctions

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Every auction Premiere holds is also listed in a Proxibid Catalog online. We provide links to the Proxibid Online Catalog on our website as well as in the email auction notices we send out for each sale .   Catalogs are posted online in advance of the sale so that bidders can see what is coming up for auction, and have the opportunity to place pre-bids on lots they are interested in.  When you go to the auction catalog, simply click on the "Register" button at the top of the page. It may take a few minutes to register, so allow yourself some time before the auction begins to complete the process.  You will need to place a credit card on file for verification,  and in case you choose to use the card to pay for your purchases.  Proxibid does not charge a fee to register.  You only need to register once with Proxibid to be able to bid in all future auctions.

We run several types of auctions with Proxibid, and while each has a slightly different format, however, how you register  and how you pre-bid remains the same.

Types of Auctions:

Virtual Auctions are sales in which we have no live floor crowd bidding.  In this type of sale, all bids are placed by bidders through Proxibid online. 

These auction are open for pre-bidding, and then on the day of the sale, bidders can bid live against each other until the lots have all sold.

This is the most popular format we use for the sale of Jewelry and artifacts from the Western U.S.

In these sales, we generally offer between 200-300 lots and sell around 80 lots per hour.