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 Premiere Auctions Group is a partnership made up of 

auction center and facility offers auction-goers a comfortable auction venue for bidding in-person, and for our customers around the county who  cannot attend our auctions live - ALL Premiere auctions are open for online live computer bidding through Proxibid.

Jim Bennett, authenticator and author of many books on Ancient Artifacts works with the Ancient Relics area of Premiere.

A Trusted Name in Buying, Selling and Auctioning

collectors and experts in the artifact collecting field as well as other collectible areas.  Premiere offers our customers a professional auction house  dedicated to the sale of a variety of collectibles. Our auction staff has decades of experience in many collectible areas, and our office staff is well known in the industry for our quality full color catalogs and professional grade photography. Premiere's Ashland, Ohio

Based on microscopic analysis

$25 Ea.  - $20 ea. for 3 or more

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Premiere Auctions Group, LLC specialized in the sale of  collectibles. From coins and bottles to arrowheads and jewelry, we strive to provide all of our customers with nice collectibles to bid on, and excellent customer service.

At Premiere - our customers  ALWAYS come first!

Premiere Auctions Group has quickly grown to become the country's safest venue for buying authentic ancient artifacts from coast-to-coast, while Bennett's Authentication service and the books Jim has authored on authenticating have helped thousands of collectors learn how  to avoid reproductions.

While arrowheads and artifacts are a main area of interest for Premiere, our group also includes experts in other popular areas such as numismatic, sports memorabilia, bottles, antique jewelry and fishing lures.

We hope you take a few minutes to browse around our website, and whether you are a long time Premiere customer or a first time visitor, we are glad you stopped by!

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Bennett's Premiere Indian Artifact Auction

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Bennett Artifact Authentications

Indian Artifact Auction including many fine relics from the Columbia River and Great Basin areas. Arrowheads, Gempoints, Knives, Bone tools & more! Many relics from the Chuck Hall collection.

 Thursday, February 23, 2017  |  11:30 AM Eastern


If you have collectibles to auction, we charge a minimal commission on consignments and we would enjoy discussing with you how Premiere can maximize your return.  If you are a collector looking for items to add to your collection, we run several auctions each month, and we welcome you to participate in our auctions.

If you have a collection that you would rather sell than auction, we are always looking for quality collections to purchase, big or small, no matter what collecting field, or where in the country it is located.

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Over 250 lots of Coins, Currency, Commemoratives, Tokens, World Coins, Proof Sets & More! ALL Graded accurately. Premiere is always looking for consignments!

Sunday, February 26, 2017  |  4:00 PM Eastern